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Transform Your Life

Shift out of this pain.

Step into the beautiful life

that is meant for you.

Feeling Lost and Confused?

  • Your life feels like it's falling apart around you
  • Things that used to resonate no longer makes sense in your life
  • You feel isolated and alone, like no one understands you
  • Friends and/or family seem to be falling away
  • Romantic connections are confusing, making no logical sense
  • Emotional highs & lows are beyond any other experience 

You're Not Alone....

During this confusing and painful time, I'm honoured to share in your journey, offering support and guidance as you navigate through transitions of:

  • dark night of the soul & ego death
  • spiritual & twin flame awakenings
  • painful life events
  • difficult relationship dynamics
  • the accession process
  • soul alignment
  • creating inner union of divine counterparts

Life Transformation Session

This one hour virtual session will dive into your current life circumstances and provide insights, guidance and support on how to transition yourself out of your painful experiences and into the beautiful life which is calling for you.

A little about me.....

As an empathic intuitive I hold a deep love and compassion for the well being of humanity, animals, and nature. I have experienced several spiritual awakenings in this life, and I have a passion for assisting others navigate this confusing process. 

During my sessions I offer support and guidance through transitions of painful life events, difficult relationship dynamics, dark night of the soul & ego death, spiritual & twin flame awakenings, the accession process, soul alignment, and attaining inner union. My goal is to empower clients to shift into a happy, loved filled life, which they are passionate about living. 

My formal education includes a Masters Degree in Science, with a focus on the study of Biology and Psychology. As a former Occupational Therapist, I have worked with a wide range of clients from infancy to late adulthood. Through my education and experience I’ve developed a deep understanding of the dynamic interactions between physical, cognitive, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

For much of my life I’ve held a particular interest in metaphysical concepts, and I’ve dedicated much time to personal studies and development in this area. I have also completed Soul Coach training, and hold certifications in Life Coaching and Reiki Level I & II. 

I am honoured to share with you on your journey, as a guide and support, as you shift into the beautiful life you are here to live. 

Much love